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A Guide to Atlanta's Virginia-Highland Neighborhood

Annual events like Porchfest and Winterfest, along with some of Atlanta's greatest historic pubs, fashionable stores, and world-class health and wellness centers, are all located in the Virginia Highland area.

Virginia-Highland is home to 24,769 people, with a typical age of 37.4. The gender breakdown is as follows: 48.64% men and 51.36% females. Virginia Highland is home to 85.63 percent of citizens born in the United States and 8.76 percent of non-citizens. Furthermore, non-citizens constitute 5.61 percent of the total population.

It may be 80 degrees and sunny at the mountain's foot, but it will be cooler and rainier as you go up the mountain. It may get snowy and quite chilly as you continue to ascend. As you climb a mountain, you'll notice a temperature reduction of about 3 degrees for every 1000 feet.

The population of the neighborhood known as Virginia Highland in Atlanta, Georgia, is 10,357. Virginia Highland, located in Fulton County, is one of Georgia's best-known locations to call home. Most people who live in Virginia Highland own their houses, and the neighborhood has a mix of urban and suburban features.

There are a lot of interesting things to discover in Virginia's multifaceted state. Even the mildest norms of the postcolonial past conceal a hidden mystery. We've gathered some information; were you aware that the information about Virginia was accurate?


Virginia Prohibits the Practice of Tickles on Women.
You read that correctly; you'll need to come up with a different strategy to get your countrywomen in Virginia to chuckle grudgingly. Coming from a state whose slogan is "Virginia is for lovers," this legislation is somewhat peculiar.


Virginia played host to the first Thanksgiving.
Many see the 1621 Plymouth Meeting as the first Thanksgiving since it brought together Native Americans and pilgrims. On the other hand, a congregation of Virginians met in Berkeley on December 4, 1619, for worship and feasting. Massachusetts, I present to you...


Vanity wins out for Virginians, at least when it concerns license plates. When compared to other states in the US, Virginia has the highest concentration of personalized license plates, often known as vanity plates. Virginia manufactures approximately one vanity plate for every ten sold. The people of Virginia appear to have a secret they'd want to share with you, and it likely has something to do with getting off their backs.


You Can Find Streaking and Frats Right Here!
Virginia has both aristocratic and fraternity roots, but it is also the birthplace of streaking and fraternities. The College of William & Mary established the first intercollegiate fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, in 1776. It seems quite esteemed, doesn't it? In 1804, George William Crump became the first American college student to face jail time for streaking.


The network is routed via NoVA.
We're not referring to an unnamed river here. Up to 70% of all internet traffic passes through Northern Virginia at some point, according to estimates. This is because the region has an unusually large number of data servers—the actual locations where all the internet magic happens. So, keep in mind that the data was probably in Virginia at one point the next time you look up a complicated quantum theory on Google (since we are absolutely using the internet for education and not pets).


At one point, "Shires" divided Virginia.
The original division of Virginia into smaller units, called shires, preceded its separation into counties. The very locations where the hobbits from Tolkien's works once resided. Imagining 17th-century Virginia as Middle Earth is enjoyable, even if Gandalf and old Gaffer never received formal recognition as guests.


Virginia is the birthplace of eight presidents.
Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Harrison, Tyler, Taylor, and Wilson are the most presidents born in Virginia. The total number of presidents born in other states is significantly smaller. Sometimes, we find ourselves wondering if any of these men have vanity plates.


Every state in Virginia has its own heroes.
Greek mythology was not the only source of the heroic quest. Leaving behind a youngster, Peter Francisco transformed into a powerful American hero during the war. He was much taller than the typical man of his period, standing at 6 feet, 6 inches. He snatched a 1,100 kg cannon from the British, threw it over his shoulder, and returned to his side while rescuing pals and killing opponents, according to reports.


Discover the unique oyster museum in Virginia.
Chincoteague Island is home to the only museum dedicated to oysters and maritime history. Virginia clearly has a strong bond with the bivalve mollusk, considering the variety of oyster festivals that take place in the state. We're quite pleased with this data, but we don't know what to do with it yet.


Oysters, presidents, streakers, vanity plates, and lovers are all welcome in Virginia (although ticklers may remain out). For residents of a state as ancient as Virginia, learning something new is an everyday occurrence. Take a peek at that neighborhood—Falls Church is just one of many great cities!

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